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How to add module to your project

You add this module as usual. Add your module to your web.config file just as below.

        <add name="SCMModule" type="SmartContentModule.ContentModule"/>


How to handle exceptions

This module enables you to attach a delegate to catch errors or warnings.

In your global.asax files start event, attach your delegate like below.

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
   SmartContentModule.ContentModule.HandleSCMException = CustomExceptionHelper.HandleSCMException;

And your CustomExceptionHelper class should be like this.


public static class CustomExceptionHelper 
    public static void HandleSCMException(object sender, SmartContentModule.Helpers.SCMException ex)
       //logging and error handling here
       if (ex.ExceptionType == SmartContentModule.Helpers.SCMExceptionTypes.Error)
           throw ex.Exception;

About Ajax Min Library

This project uses ajaxMin library. Please visit   for licensing and other issues.


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